GolfX is the perfect location to improve every aspect of the sport. Our sim technology and GolfX coaches can boost your game and give you the confidence and ability to perform well when playing on a course.

GolfX Coaches

Our GolfX coaches are much more than capable instructors with a great understanding of the sport. They are experienced professionals not just in teaching but also in tournament golf, and they combine this with their knowledge of the simulators. Using your hitting data from the simulator, they are able to shorten the learning curve and help players develop a deeper understanding of their technique and their golf game.

Academy Training

To improve every aspect of your game we offer academy training. Our academy training begins with an assessment of the student and identifying the key areas to improve their golf game, whether it be their driving, iron play, or their short game skills. From there, a GolfX coach will create a program with the student and focus on strengthening these areas and all other areas of the game

Ready to Coach Kids and Adults

We provide lessons to both kids and adults and have tailored our approach to both. We have learned that to get through to kids, we must first get their attention. This is why our coaches gamify the learning environment by introducing games into the coaching sessions. This approach ensures that the training is always fun as well as instructional.

For adults, our coaches will go with a more serious approach. We are much more scientific and data-driven during the coaching sessions, while also tailoring our approach to how the student learns. This can be through a technique-based coaching style or more of a feel-based approach in order for the student to better understand and implement the lessons from the coach.

Rates and packages

The rate for packages varies depending on the coach. A usual coaching package with a junior coach at GolfX will cost ₱15,000 for 10 1-hour sessions.