Here at GolfX, Kris Etter is our resident pro coach. He is available for private lessons, and using the sim technology can help improve every aspect of your game. If you catch Kris at GolfX, do speak to him as he is ready to give tips and discuss all things golf with our guests.

We conducted a quick Q&A with Kris on his golfing background, inspirations, and top tips.

English and Tagalog.

It is 0.

I was 7yrs old.

I’ve been playing for 25yrs.

Tiger Woods.

It is the Canlubang Golf and Country Club in Calamba, Laguna.

Teaching with the technology at GolfX takes out the guesswork in breaking down and understanding a player’s golf swing. It helps the coach and student better understand and create a plan on how to improve the student’s golf game.

Master your setup.

English and Tagalog.

It is 0.

Since I was 6 years old.

I’ve been playing for 21 years.

Tiger Woods is my biggest inspiration.

I like playing at Sherwood Hills in Cavite.

Depending on what the students want to work on, the technology at GolfX makes teaching easier because of the data given. It is easier to explain and easier for students to understand.

It’s a golf swing, not a golf hit.