The driver is often a golfer’s worst enemy. The margin for error is much greater, and a poor tee shot can quickly derail any hole before it has even started. This is why you will see many golfers on a driving range just practicing with their driver. While all practice will help you improve your game and skillset, the virtual sim is particularly good at improving your driver accuracy and distance. Below, we will look at the four ways it can help.

Feedback on Exact Ball Flight and Speed

At an outdoor driving range, a good driver shot vs a bad one is generally defined by how straight and how far the ball has gone. When using a virtual sim, you can see exactly how good your shot was. The metrics you will be able to analyze include direction, ball speed, ball angle, club head speed, and club head angle. This will allow you to see exactly where you need to improve, and you will be able to record your results for comparison.

Accurate Practice With a Pro

While knowing the above is very useful, unless you know how to adjust your swing and technique, you may find all the information a little overwhelming. This is why practicing your driver skills with a Pro on a virtual sim will be a step up from a regular driving range. They will be able to look at the data and tweak the areas of your swing to get you hitting straighter and farther. Whether you are a beginner looking to hit a shot straighter or a veteran looking to add 20 more yards, practicing on a sim with a pro will give you far greater accuracy in where you need to improve.

Control of Weather Conditions

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual sim is that you can play all year round, so you have no excuse to miss a practice. Another advantage is that you will be playing without adverse weather conditions affecting your shots. The wind can wreak havoc on the best of players, and being able to practice in ideal conditions will allow you to focus purely on your driver swing and contact. On the other hand, a virtual sim can also help you prepare for unpredictable conditions as you can adjust the weather on the virtual courses. This will help you get used to adjusting your swing in windy and rainy conditions, giving you more confidence on the actual courses.

Practice on Both a Range and Course

Practicing on a virtual sim gives you the option to practice with your driver on a range or on a course, including some of the most famous, without paying extra green fees. One of the most effective ways to improve is to practice first on the virtual driving range, improving your shots using the data available, and then play 18 holes to measure how much you have improved. One of the advantages of the virtual course is that you can replay a shot as many times as you want. This means you can also practice teeing off on the course until you get your shot right, something you wouldn’t be able to do on an actual course.

It’s a Social Way to Practice

While practicing on a virtual course is great for solo practice and training with a Pro, it is also a great way to spend time with friends. You can easily set up mini-competitions, such as who can hit the ball the furthest or straightest. Here at GolfX, we also offer a full drinks and food menu that you can enjoy with your friends as you improve your driver accuracy and distance.

If you struggle with your driver and don’t see any improvement when on the driving range, we hope the above article convinces you to give a virtual sim a try.