Our golf sims use the latest FSX2020 software from Foresight Sports and a launch monitor to track every shot. This state-of-the-art golf simulator allows users to practice their shots on a range and play on some of the world’s most exclusive courses in high-definition 4K.

Virtual Range

Our sims provide a practice experience like no other. Every shot is accurately tracked so the player can analyze every aspect of their shot, from ball speed and distance to ball flight direction. This allows a player, either on their own or with a GolfX coach, to easily improve every aspect of their game, from driving to putting.

Virtual Courses

Our virtual sims also allow our guests to practice their skills on some of the most famous and exclusive golf courses across the world, from the Old Course at St Andrews to the iconic Pebbles Beach. This allows players to not only test their skills on some of the most technical holes in the sport but also get a feel of how to improve their game when they play on an actual course. Each course has 9-hole and 18-hole options, and, like the virtual range, every shot is accurately tracked for player analysis. If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a pro golfer, playing a world-famous course on your own or with friends gives you this experience without the global travel or expensive membership fees.