Welcome to GolfX

Manila’s premier indoor golf simulator experience

Thanks to the innovations in virtual golf simulators, how we play and enjoy golf is changing. Here at GolfX, we offer a complete virtual golf experience that lets our guests/members train, play, and compete using the latest golf simulator technology. From perfecting your swing technique on a virtual driving range to playing some of the most exclusive golf courses across the globe, GolfX offers golfers in the Philippines a unique and accessible way to improve and enjoy the sport.

In order to guarantee a bay at a specific time convenient to you, call or message us online to reserve a bay. Online requests, through messaging and social media, are responded to promptly. To reserve online, please provide your name, type of bay, email, and reservation date and time.

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Golf Simulator Lessons

The best way to progress your indoor golf game is through coaching, and here at GolfX, you get a very different type of coaching. Using their experience, tournament knowledge, and our golf simulators, our coaches can help you improve every aspect of your game. Using the data from the indoor golf simulations, our GolfX coaches can show you exactly how your golf swing is affecting the ball. The ball tracking feature will allow you to instantly monitor and adjust your ball control in order to quickly improve your game. Golf lessons at GolfX give you a much more in-depth look at your golf game than practicing on a regular range. Our coaches will also be able to guide you through entire golf courses to help you improve your striking and game strategy, which you can then transfer to the greens.