Unlike hitting your drivers, woods, and irons, putting is less about technique and much more about mental focus. A disaster on the putting green can add a lot of numbers to your golf scores, especially if you are consistently hitting three-putts and more. This is why pros spend hours practicing their putting, they know that it can make or break a round. If you are struggling with your putting or are looking for new ways to improve your green play, here are six drills you can incorporate into your putting practice.

Putt Around the Clock

This simple drill will help you with your accuracy and teach you how to approach a hole from different angles. It is a very common drill seen on the PGA Tour. Simply pick a practice hole and putt from 3-6 feet away. After putting the ball, you work your way around the hole like a clock. While this drill may seem very simple, it will train you to look for the slight differences on the green when approaching the hole from a different angle.

Putt Over a Coin

Simply put a coin a small distance away from the ball, then roll the ball over the coin. Each time the ball rolls over the coin, you move the coin a little further away. This is a nice drill for building consistency and distance control. It can be done anywhere you have a flat surface (carpet is best if practicing at home), making it ideal for those on the move or unable to get to a driving range often.

Two Tees to Square It

This is a classic drill used by many pros to improve their ball-striking consistency and accuracy. Place two tees on the green with just enough space for the ball to fit in between. Then hit the ball with the putter, ensuring that the heel and the toe of the putter hit the two tees at the same time. This will help ensure that your putter face is always square at impact, which in turn will improve your accuracy.  

Ball Tag

A good drill for speed and target line variation. Put five balls around the green in random positions and number them 1-5. You then hit the second ball with the first ball and then your third with your second and keep going until you reach your fifth ball, which you then hit into the hole. This drill can be made as easy or as difficult as you want and is a great one for a little competition if practicing with others.

20-Foot Green Reading

This is a drill you should actually include when playing a round, as it will increase your ability to accurately read the green of any hole. Rather than read the green from directly behind the ball, take 10 steps back and read it from there. You will get a much clearer view of the high points and the low points of the green. Reading greens is an element of golf that many players at every level struggle with and is something you need to practice so that it becomes easier when you are playing.  

Blindfold Putt

Practicing your putting either with your eyes closed or wearing a blindfold may sound counter-productive, but it can be a great way to really get a feel for your putter. While technique is important, being able to visualize and putt balls with accuracy based on feel will greatly improve your overall putting ability.  Simply pick a hole or a target if not on a putting range, then after taking a quick look, practice hitting the ball from different lengths with your eyes covered.