A good knowledge of when to use each club is essential for success on a golf course. If you follow a pro golfer online, you will often see them finding the distance of their clubs (usually when they upgrade their set for the year). However, knowing your yardage isn’t just restricted to professional and low-handicap players. When it comes to improving your game, having an accurate understanding of how far you can hit each club will increase your ability to consistently post lower scores. It also isn’t difficult to find your club distances, especially if you are using an indoor golf simulator. In this post, we will look at how to find your club distance and why it is important.

Finding Your Club Distances

How to Calculate

Whether you are using a simulator or are on a driving range, the formula is the same. To find the average club distance for each club, you hit a number of shots and then divide the total overall distance by the total number of strokes. The more shots you hit for each club, the more accurate your averages will be. A minimum of 3-10 good shots is a strong starting point, depending on your ability. The order in which you pick your clubs is up to you, but the most effective way is to go from the shortest club in your bag to the driver or vice-versa.

Why Use Indoor Golf

Unless you have a portable launch monitor, which is not cheap, finding your distances on an outdoor driving range is not a precise way to find your yardage. Indoor golf, on the other hand, is the most effective, fun, and affordable way to find the distances of your clubs accurately. Using a driving range on a simulator, you will be able to easily track each shot’s distance, as well as a multitude of other details such as ball speed, spin, and direction.


Here at GolfX, we use FSX2020 software from Foresight Sports, which has a dedicated feature to help you find your distances called ‘Know Your Numbers.’ This option is under the Improve Option on the main screen. You are then given the option to choose which clubs you want to test, the order in which you want to test the clubs, and the type of golf ball you want to use (range standard or professional). The software calculates your average from 3 good shots and allows you to play more than 3 in order to choose the best ones. After you have used all your clubs and selected the best 3 shots for each, you get a report at the end that shows you both the average distance of each shot and the yardage gap between each club.

Why It Is Important

Golf Strategy

In order to get your scores down and improve the way you navigate a course, knowing your yardage for each club will have a massive impact on your game. Good club selection is what separates the average golfer from the good golfer, and the easiest way to select the right club is by knowing your average distance. This will give you much more control over how you approach each hole and will reduce the chances of over or under-hitting your shots, which is an issue many amateurs struggle with.

Tee Selection

Finding the distance of your clubs is important in deciding which tee you should be hitting off. If you are averaging low distances with your woods and 4,5 or 6 irons, then you will want to tee off from the red, yellow, or white tees. This way, you will have the best chance of posting lower scores and enjoying yourself. Repeatedly finding your distances throughout the year, especially as a beginner, is a good way to know if you are ready to challenge yourself to tee off from a longer distance.

If you are looking to find your yardage, indoor golf is the most effective way to do this. Book a booth at either our San Juan or BGC location.