Despite being one of the hardest sports to master, golf also has the reputation of being the best sport for social interaction. It is the sport where friends spend whole afternoons, days, and even holidays playing together and where business people network. While nothing can match playing with friends, family, or acquaintances on an actual course, it can also be time-consuming and not ideal for players of different levels and experience. This is why more players are turning to indoor golf as a location to meet friends and play a few rounds. If you have never played indoor golf or only played solo, here are 5 reasons why indoor golf is perfect for socializing. 

Every Level Can Play

Golf can be an intimidating sport, especially for those who have little experience on the fairways or have never set foot on an actual course. It is also a very unforgiving sport for those new to the game, which can easily lead to frustration and a lack of enjoyment. Indoor Golf takes away many of the pain points of playing on a regular outdoor course. You will still need to hit the ball well to post a good score, but you won’t need to spend time looking for a mishit ball, as you will hit from a flat surface even if you are buried into the deepest rough, and you won’t have to contend with difficult weather conditions such as the wind (unless you want to) and the sun. This makes indoor golf a lot less stressful and much easier for players of different levels to play together and have fun.

Wide Selection of Golf Options

A big advantage of indoor golf is the wide variety of options available to you, depending on what you want to do with your friends or family. It is possible to hit balls on the driving range, play a full 18-hole course, or do both. Here at Golf X, we use FSX2020 simulation software that replicates a large selection of world’s most famous golf courses, from St Andrews in Scotland to Pebbles Beach in California. You also have lots of opportunities for competitive play, whether it be who can hit the longest driver, which you will be able to judge by the exact yardage, or who can get the lowest score on a par 3 course.

Time Efficient

Even if you opt to play 9-holes, golf is a sport that takes up quite a bit of time. From getting to the course to walking from hole to hole and waiting for the players ahead of you, there is a reason golf is an all-morning/afternoon sport. The average time for a 9-hole round is 2 hours for experienced players, while an 18-hole is around 4 hours. Indoor golf is much more time efficient, making it perfect for a quick session with friends during the week or for a couple of hours on a weekend. If you are looking for a quick golf fix after work, indoor golf is perfect for minimizing your time playing for maximum fun. At our San Juan location, you can hire a regular bay, good for 3-4 pax for just ₱1,200.00.  

Wide Variety of Food and Drink

The biggest reason that indoor golf is ideal for socializing is that you can order a wide selection of food and drink as you play. On an actual course, you are limited to what you can carry, and during peak times, you may not have the time to stop and snack. Indoor golf has no such issue, and food and drink are encouraged to make the experience all the more enjoyable. Whether it is a couple of beers while playing or a full eating-out experience, you can tailor your time to meet your needs. Our Bunker Bar offers a wide selection of food and drink options available, from draft beer and an extensive list of wines to appetizers, pasta, and twin Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Steak from Mamou.

Events and Parties

If you are looking to hold a family reunion, team-building event, or simply a party for fellow golf enthusiasts, then indoor golf is the perfect place to hold a social occasion. You can easily combine food, drink, and golf all in one place. You can even set up your own private golf tournament using one of the virtual courses. At our San Juan location, we have a dedicated Event Space that can accommodate 50-200 pax, as well as live bands and DJs.

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