Golf has always had a close relationship with technology, with the first commercially released golfing videogame being launched in 1980 on the Atari 2600. Since then, technology has opened up the game of golf to more new players through computer and console games, motion sensor games, and now virtual golf simulators, which provide the closest experience to playing on an actual driving range and course. In 2025, virtual golf could soon become a pro sport as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have formed a new league called the TGL.


In August 2022, Woods and McIlroy announced that they would be forming a new project called TMRW Sports. This project will start a tech-infused golf league (TGL) in a custom-built arena called the SoFi Center located at Palm Beach Gardens on the campus of Palm Beach State College, Florida. Fans will be able to watch 3-man teams compete across a 15-hole virtual course, using a screen for long shots and putting greens compete with bunkers for shorter shots. This will allow fans to watch a full 18-hole round in two-hour weekly competitions. The TGL has some serious backing from a partnership with the PGA Tour and investors, including F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and basketball star LeBron James. The league was supposed to start this year but has been delayed till 2025 due to the SoFi Center being seriously damaged in November 2023 due to strong storms hitting Florida.

The Course

WIthin the newly built SoFi Center, six teams of four golfers will compete across a 15-hole format, where 9 holes will be triples (3 vs 3) and 6 holes will be single head-to-head play. Unlike the virtual courses here at Golf X, where players play off a square mat, the course will be approximately 97 by 50 yards. Players will hit off real grass, sand, and rough at a 64 x 46-foot screen (which is roughly 2o times the size of a regular screen). For shots that are less than 50 yards players will switch to an adaptable ‘Greenplay’ putting area that includes three 15 x 27-foot virtual greens which can be modified to make each hole different.

Will TGL Make Virtual Golf a Pro Sport?

The TGL is following in the footsteps of the F1 Esports Series through the combination of practical skills and virtual technology. In the F1 Esports Series, the racers use simulators that accurately replicate the feeling of being in an F1 car. Even more so than the F1 Esports Series, the TGL players will be using the exact same skill set they use in the regular version of the sport. This makes it very different from esports like FIFA esports, where players use PC and console controls to compete. While there are no plans to expand the league, the format can be easily replicated given the right location, and this form of virtual golf could soon become a global sport that is played across the globe.

Discover Virtual Golf at Golf X

Virtual golf is becoming more popular across the world as more players discover the benefits of playing on a simulator. If you are new to golf or a seasoned player, you will discover the new exciting sport that is Virtual Golf here at Golf X. Our virtual golf sims use the latest FSX2020 software from Foresight Sports and a launch monitor to track every shot. At our San Juan location, we have 8 regular bays and 2 VIP bays that are exclusive to our members. Players will be able to practice on a virtual driving range and play on a number of digital versions of famous courses. We also have our own major and minor GolfX tournaments where players can win prizes and earn GXT points for the chance to play in tournaments across Southeast Asia. Visit our website and Facebook Page to learn more.