Technology is continuously pushing golf forward to make it more accessible to new players and veterans alike. One area where this is most apparent is the simulated driving ranges that use cutting-edge launch monitors. As this technology becomes more widely used, players in Manila will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of playing with a virtual sim. However, as new and exciting as this technology is, most players will still opt to practice on a regular driving range. In this post, we will examine the benefits of using a sim vs. a traditional outdoor driving range.

Benefits of using a Sim

Accurate Swing Data

While traditionalists may balk at using computers to improve a player’s game, if you want to know exactly what your golf swing and ball flight are doing, then using a sim will tell you everything you need to know. This ranges from distance and direction to spin rate and launch angle and allows players to easily adjust their practice routine to improve or adjust any part of their swing. When working with a golf pro, they can provide exact advice on how to improve your swing. This data is available for every shot, whether you are practicing with your driver or playing on a virtual course, and is why most online golf tutors and content creators frequently use it to improve their student’s game as well as their own.

Better Club Selection

Selecting the best golf club for a shot is what separates the inexperienced golfer from a veteran of the greens. Traditionally, the only way to improve your club selection was through trial and error on a driving range or course and using the distance markers as the best estimate. As mentioned above, a sim lets you see exactly how far your shot went. This allows you to easily monitor and calibrate your club selection while on the driving range. The virtual courses will also tell you exactly how many yards you are to a hole, so golfers can easily transfer the lessons from the driving range to a course.

Virtual Courses

The goal of all golfers is to move from the range to an actual golf course, and this can be quite intimidating for new players. With a virtual sim, you can easily switch from a digital driving range to a virtual representation of an actual golf course. Foresight Sports, used here at GolfX, allows you to play on some of the most famous courses in professional golf. You can try your hand at the world’s oldest golf course at St Andrews or put your skills to the test at Pebbles Beach, one of the most challenging courses on the PGA Tour. If you are new to golf, practicing on virtual 3-par courses, such as Clarity Hills, will allow you to get a feel of what it is like to play on an actual course, a good understanding of club selection, and test your shot capabilities in a much more thorough way than simply hitting balls down a driving range.  

Social Play

While a virtual sim is great for practicing solo or training with a pro, it is also great for playing with friends. You can challenge your friends to a round of golf or set up a private tournament. If connected to the internet, it is also possible to join online public tournaments that allow users to play against golfers across the globe. Here at GolfX, you can also book a social event for up to 200 pax.

Benefits of Using a Driving Range

Accessibility and Cost

There are driving ranges dotted across Metro Manila, making a range much more accessible to most golfers. Public driving ranges are also very affordable. Unless you aim to get to the range in peak hours, you have a high chance of getting a slot, as most driving ranges can accommodate over 30 golfers. A virtual sim should be booked ahead of time due to the limited amount of slots.

Real-World Conditions

Golf is an outdoor sport, and that means dealing with the weather, whether it be the sun, rain, or wind. A golf range will be open in most weather, barring extreme cases, which allows players to practice and get used to playing in difficult weather conditions. Playing outdoors also feels different from playing inside as you will have to adjust to the heat and sun glare. While a virtual sim can give you a good idea of what it is like to play a course, and you can even add weather conditions to the range and courses, it can’t replicate actually playing outside.

Best for Beginners and Casual Play

Perfecting your golf swing will be a life-long learning experience, and a virtual sim is one of the best ways to find weaknesses and improve them. For beginners, though, getting a feel of the club is very important. Hitting balls on the range without worrying about the minute details of every swing will encourage those new to the sport to relax and give them more confidence. The same applies to casual players. Many players use a range as a place to unwind and simply hit some balls to empty their minds. A virtual sim is much better used as a play to improve individual aspects of your game.

Which is Best?

The answer is both. Any chance to play golf will improve your game, skillset, and confidence. That being said, for those who want to level up their game, a sim gives you all the data you need to improve your golf swing. Working with a pro, you can fine-tune your game using the data from the sim.