Your first set of golf clubs will likely be your first milestone in golf. You may have had a lesson with a Pro or hit a few balls using a rented club at a range, but until you have your own set of clubs, you can’t truly say that you are a golfer. Purchasing your first set of clubs can be challenging for those new to the sport. There is an abundance of choices depending on your budget, with brands offering complete sets that are aimed at new players. In this article, we will take you through the different options when choosing your first set of clubs and how to ensure you get the right clubs for you.

Beginner Sets

A beginner set is exactly what it says it is. You get everything you need to get started, with most sets offering between 10 and 14 clubs and a bag. Beginner sets will include clubs that are much more forgiving, so no blades, and are designed to help those new to golf quickly improve their game. For example, the set may include hybrid clubs instead of long irons. Your budget will determine what beginner set you can get, ranging from budget sets to premium clubs from established brands – though it is recommended to focus on the type of club that suits your needs rather than going for a big name. For beginners, a mid-range set is the safest option, as you will get quality clubs from putter to driver without breaking the bank. As you get better, you can upgrade your set and customize it to your playing style. A beginner set is designed to get you playing golf and feeling confident on the range and course and is a good first investment.

Half Set of Clubs

While golfers are allowed to take a maximum of 14 clubs on a course, as a beginner, you don’t need to immediately invest in a complete set. Instead, you can look to buy a half set, which normally includes 4 or 5 irons, a wood, and a putter. When choosing your reduced selection of irons, a good tip is to go with just odd or even numbers. This will ensure there aren’t huge distance gaps in your bag. Getting a half set can save you money if you are on a tight budget and will give you a good foundation to build out a set that is tailored to what you need. Another advantage is that with a reduced number of clubs to buy, you may have more money to invest in some better quality clubs.

Second-hand Clubs

Many first-time golfers will have been introduced to the sport by a family member or friend, and if they are lucky, they may be gifted a used set. However, you don’t need to inherit a set to take advantage of second-hand clubs. The top golf brands are continuously bringing out new clubs, which leads a number of golfers to upgrade their current set. This has led to a massive second-hand club industry, with dedicated second-hand golf shops found across the world and many golfers selling their old clubs through online stores like eBay, Facebook Market, and Shoppee. Many shops at local golf ranges, such as the Pro Shop at our San Juan location, also sell second-hand clubs. There are some great affordable deals to be found online, and while the clubs have been used, clubs from top brands like Calloway and Ping were once some of the most sought-after and expensive, and they were made to last. Unless you are buying in a store, you will likely not be able to test the clubs, so buy online from a reputable online seller and ask for details such as whether the clubs are righthanded or lefthanded, how often have they been used, and the club length.

Club Fitting

If you are buying from a Pro Shop, a club fitting will ensure you get the exact clubs for you. With such a wide variety of clubs available, you can tailor your whole set to your playing style and body shape. A club fitting can match a grip, shaft, and club head to your exact needs. As a beginner who is still learning, the main emphasis will be on ensuring the club is the right length for your height and the club heads have a good loft. A club that is slightly too long or too short can dramatically affect your swing.  The club fitting will be led by an expert who can give you advice on the right clubs based on how you play and your budget. While it may seem like a costly add-on, a club fitting could save you money in the long run as you will have a set of clubs that won’t need to be upgraded for a while.

Try Before You Purchase

A set of golf clubs is an investment, especially if you plan on spending a lot, so it really pays to try the clubs before you purchase. Most golf shops will have an area where you can take a few practice swings to get the feel of the clubs. Here at GolfX, you can use our virtual sims to choose the correct club (this is also part of our club fitting service). Practicing on a virtual driving range will let you know exactly what the ball is doing when you hit it, giving you more options to base your decision on.

With your first set of clubs, you are ready to start your journey with one of the most rewarding sports. As this article shows, you don’t have to break the bank to get your first set but do try and find the right set of clubs for you.